Proving marital authenticity in immigration court

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Government officials are always on the watch for fraud, sometimes in connection with people coming to the United States to live or work from other countries of origin. Florida is home to many immigrants, some of whom might be called to immigration court for a Stokes interview. This is basically a process that is designed to determine whether a marriage between an immigrant and a U.S. citizen is legitimate or fraudulent.  

Being called to a Stokes interview means that an immigrant spouse might be at risk for deportation. There are usually one or more issues that government officials flag as suspicious before a married couple is questioned by immigration. Saying or doing the wrong thing during a Stokes interview might make matters worse.  

Immigration officers will ask tricky questions 

In order to determine whether a marriage is legitimate or fraudulent, immigration officials will question a pair of spouses separately. Each spouse should be prepared to answer highly personal questions. For instance, a line of inquiry might include questions about where a couple met or what time a partner spouse usually goes to bed at night.  

If answers between spouses do not align, deportation can occur 

Immigration officials will compare the answers both spouses give during a Stokes interview. If they do not align with one another, interviewers will flag a couple’s case for further investigation, which may lead to deportation of the immigrant spouse and legal repercussions of the citizen spouse, as well. It is helpful, therefore, to speak with an immigration law attorney before attending a Stokes interview to make sure that both spouses understand the process and what will be expected of them.  


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