Florida immigration officers accused of voyeurism

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In Florida and elsewhere throughout the country, many immigrants reside in detention centers. County jails are often used for such purposes. Being a detainee in an immigration detention center does not mean that a person has no rights. Numerous women have recently claimed that their rights were violated by voyeuristic detention officers.  

The women have filed various complaints. One said that a detention official forced her to use the bathroom while the officer stood nearby and watched. Others say that detention officials took photographs of them in their underwear. Still, others say detention officers watch them while they take showers or undress.  

Additional complaints filed regarding lack of sanitation 

Numerous women at the Florida detention center have also stated that the officials at the center have not provided sanitary napkins to them when needed. Medical neglect is another frequent complaint. Immigrant advocates have implored the U.S. government to release the detainees at the center and to cancel its contract for using the jail to detain immigrants.  

Number of complaints is astounding 

To date, there have been more than 160 complaints filed from the same center. Any person who resides in a detention center and believes that his or her rights have been violated may request a meeting with an immigration law attorney for support. An attorney can review the details of a specific case and make recommendations as to what actions might help resolve the legal issues.  


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