Do real estate agents in Florida steer buyers?

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Florida is a prime location for those who want to relocate to a warm climate. Many people of various age groups buy their first homes in this state or move here in their later years for retirement. Throughout the country, many real estate agents have been accused of a practice known as ”steering.” It is a form of discrimination where buyers of specific races are ”steered” toward or away from certain neighborhoods.  

A real estate agent who is steering might show more homes in affluent neighborhoods to white buyers over minority buyers. Another means of steering would be to show a buyer of a certain race only homes in neighborhoods that are predominantly comprised of people of the same race. While there are numerous ways to steer buyers, any form of discrimination toward minority groups in real estate is unlawful.  

Real estate agents must offer equal services to all clients 

A real estate agent is not allowed to manipulate the market by arranging showings based on a client’s race, ethnicity, gender, age or another protected characteristic. They are obligated to present objective information to all clients in an unbiased manner. A buyer may have certain preferences regarding location, style of home, lot size, etc., but an agent may not withhold information intentionally as a means of discrimination.  

During an investigation in another state, it was revealed that real estate agents consistently showed more listings to white clients than to black clients. Steering causes segregation. Any person in Florida who believes that a real estate agent has been discriminatory in the home selling or buying process may wish to pursue the matter by consulting with an experienced real estate attorney. 


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