Florida truck owner battling HOA

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A Florida man who has lived in the same neighborhood for 27 years has recently encountered legal problems. The local homeowners association has notified him that he is at risk for substantial fines, as well as a possible lien against his home. The central focus of the notification is an electric vehicle that has been parked in the man’s driveway.  

The vehicle in question is a Rivian R1T, which is an electric pickup truck costing approximately $100,000. HOA representatives have informed the homeowner that parking the vehicle in his driveway violates HOA regulations, which reportedly state that no pickup trucks or commercial vehicles may be left in plain sight on an indefinite basis at a homeowner’s property. The vehicle owner says he was not aware of the rule at the time he purchased the vehicle. 

Rivian R1Ts are trending but the HOA does not seem to care 

The HOA notes that the homeowner should have carefully reviewed its policies before buying the electric pickup truck. The homeowner has been instructed to remove the vehicle from plain sight, such as parking it in a garage overnight. The man has responded by saying that such regulations are antiquated and were written in a time when it was not popular to own trucks as personal vehicles. He has also recommended that the HOA change its policy to keep up with the times.  

Neighbors do not seem to mind the truck at all 

The homeowner says that, contrary to being an eyesore, his vehicle has garnered nothing but positive feedback from neighbors, who often stop by to see it and ask to take pictures of it as well. He has also said that not allowing modern vehicles that are trending may, in fact, bring down property values in the area. As it stands, the dispute will now be resolved in court because the homeowner is seeking legal representation, which is often the key to resolving complex legal issues that involve an HOA. 


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