Immigrant advocates in Florida protest new bill

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Last year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis arranged to fly immigrants who had arrived in this state from other countries to locations in other states. The flights reportedly cost at least $12 million, which came out of a fund that had been set up for the purpose. On a recent Tuesday, immigrant advocates gathered in protest against a new bill that, if signed into law, would give the governor authority to transport more foreign nationals in and out of the state, at will.  

Supporters of the bill claim that immigrants are placing a strain on Florida’s economy. They also say that American workers are at risk when hundreds, if not thousands, of people flock to the state and gain employment. In addition, they say that the new law would potentially reduce crime throughout the state.  

Immigrant advocates voice their opposition 

Many people believe it is a bad idea to sign the transport program bill into law. These immigrant advocates say it is abusive to people who have come to Florida, seeking safety and a better way of life. They also claim that immigrants often fill labor shortages throughout the state and create jobs that bolster the economy.  

What immigrants can do if their rights are violated 

Immigration laws are complex and continually evolving. In addition to the proposed bill, many other immigration issues are hotly debated in Florida and throughout the country. Everyone in the United States has certain protections under the U.S. Constitution. If a person believes that a violation of rights has occurred, a consultation with an immigration law attorney may prove beneficial. 


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