Florida immigrant settles lawsuit against sheriff’s department

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A federal lawsuit was filed on behalf of a permanent resident. The lawsuit claimed that a Florida sheriff’s department had illegally detained the individual. The sheriff’s office also is said to have referred the immigrant to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. News headlines recently surfaced stating that the two parties had reached a settlement.  

The ICE referral was apparently initiated due to the immigrant’s nationality. Sheriff’s officials failed to consider his legal status, which showed that he is a lawful permanent resident of the United States. As part of the settlement, the individual will receive $150,000 in monetary damages.  

Man was held in detention after he already posted bond 

One of the issues that prompted the lawsuit was the fact that the man was detained for at least 12 hours after he had already posted bond. At the time, he was reportedly infected with a virus. The man later noted that people should never hesitate to defend their Constitutional rights when a personal rights violation has occurred. 

Sheriff’s office to amend its policies 

Considering this case, the Florida sheriff’s department agreed to amend some of its policies, including the referral of people of foreign origin to ICE without considering their legal status. One immigrant advocate stated that unfair and unlawful treatment targeting foreign nationals undermines public safety. Anyone who is facing legal complications because of an immigration issue may wish to consult an experienced U.S. immigration law attorney for guidance and support.  


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