Problems at Florida immigration detention center

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A man who has lived and worked for 10 years in the United States is now scheduled for deportation. He was also recently involved in an incident that resulted in severe injuries. An alleged attack took place against the man and others of similar ethnic backgrounds in a Florida immigration detention center.

The man required emergency care at a hospital following what some called an “assault” and others, a “riot.” The man told reporters that assaults like this happen often, and Florida immigration guards are powerless to protect those who are being attacked. In this case, a group of Dominicans is accused of attacking a group of Haitians.

Are guards refusing medical care and other assistance to immigrants in need?

The injured man said it was a full-out assault and claimed that problems like this occur often in Florida immigration detention centers. He also accused immigration officials of biased behavior against black people. The man said it is not uncommon for immigrants with black skin to have their needs ignored.

What can a person do if they are being mistreated in an immigration facility?

If personal rights violations are occurring in a detention facility, those affected can confer with an immigration attorney to seek guidance and support. Even for those who are scheduled for removal, certain protections are in place under the U.S. Constitution that may not be disregarded or violated. For instance, a detained immigrant in need of medical attention must be provided access to it. An experienced attorney can review a specific case and recommend the best options for resolving legal problems.


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