Why it’s beneficial to hire a real estate attorney

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Property issues can be complex and difficult to resolve. Florida landlords and tenants sometimes have disagreements. And buyers and sellers often encounter legal problems that delay a closing, or developers and property owners fight over boundary lines or access roads. In these circumstances, it is helpful to have a skilled negotiator on hand to facilitate discussions and pursue a fair and comprehensive solution to the problem. Hiring a real estate attorney increases the chances of a positive outcome.

Real estate attorneys can help protect a client’s interests in all aspects of real estate, including construction loans and contracts, leases and sublease agreements, Homeowners Association covenants, zoning and land issues and more. This area of law may be relevant in other situations, as well, such as selling a house in a divorce or trying to stop foreclosure. Florida is one of many states that require the involvement of a real estate attorney in all closing transactions.

Never sign a contract without fully understanding its implications

Real estate attorneys can also review contracts and make recommendations regarding the terms. For instance, if the terminology used in a proposed agreement is ambiguous, an attorney might suggest additions or deletions to clarify the meaning. An attorney can also help if a contract has already been signed and a dispute arises, such as non-payment for work completed.

Many real estate disputes can be resolved out of court

An experienced real estate law attorney is a skilled negotiator who can often help a client resolve an issue without having to go to court. In situations where litigation is necessary, an attorney can speak and act on a client’s behalf, making the courtroom experience less stressful for the litigant. The best way to determine whether legal services would be of benefit in a particular real estate situation is to schedule a consultation with an attorney who is well-versed in that area of law.


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