Can an HOA forbid the installation of solar panels?

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Solar panels are on the rise all over the Sunshine State. This form of renewable energy can produce considerable amounts of energy while maintaining low carbon footprint all at an affordable cost.

Florida was one of the top U.S. states in terms of solar panel installations in 2023. Renewable energy installations could keep rising as homeowners all over the state try to get in on the solar energy boom. However, is it possible that by doing so, a resident could violate their homeowners’ association (HOA) rules and regulations?

HOAs cannot ban installation solar panels but…

Under Florida law, an HOA cannot stop a homeowner from installing a solar panel on top of their home even if they are a member of their association. However, while HOAs do not have the power to forbid the installation solar panels, they can regulate the specific placement of a panel on top of a homeowner’s roof.

Furthermore, the law states that an HOA can only modify the placement of a solar panel if it does not negatively affect its operation and efficiency. It is crucial that an HOA board keep this provision in mind to prevent violations of the law.

Other installation requirements

Additionally, if a homeowner wants to get solar panels for their home they must also be aware that Florida law requires that a licensed electrician contractor install it and connect it to their home’s wiring. It must also comply with Florida building code.

Even though law does not allow HOAs to ban solar panels, it is still a good idea for homeowners to consult with their associations to avoid possible real estate disputes.


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