Paul Ryan gives hope that House will address immigration in 2014

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As many in Miami already know, reforms to current U.S. immigration law have been a hot topic of discussion recently on Capitol Hill. While the need for immigration reform has been recognized by members on both sides of the aisle for quite some time, actions have taken a lot longer to catch up to words. A bill proposing sweeping immigration reforms from the Senate passed from President Obama’s desk to the House last summer. Yet disputes over certain aspects of the bill stalled its momentum. With economic issues taking precedence in the current legislative session, as well as an election cycle on the horizon, whisperings had begun to circulate that the issue of reform was dead for now.

While recently speaking to a group of Texas businessmen, prominent Republican Representative Paul Ryan gave hope that such rumors were unfounded. He made it clear that he and other Congressional Republicans would like to see each proposal made in last year’s bill addressed in its own individual piece of legislation rather than one all-encompassing ruling. His remarks back up those recently made by House Speaker John Boehner, who says that immigration reform will be one of items addressed at the upcoming GOP House Caucus retreat.

Whatever reforms come forth from federal lawmakers, they are sure to have a drastic impact in those either currently on the path to citizenship, those with a visa application pending, and especially those currently in the country illegally. Such individuals may wish to keep in contact with an immigration attorney for the latest updates on the immigration debate. 

Source: Huffington Post “Paul Ryan: House Will Take Up Immigration in Pieces” Paul J. Weber, Jan. 23, 2014


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