Elementary school and a neighbor have a real estate dispute

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A Florida woman who lives with her husband, a disabled veteran of the U.S. military, is upset over a dispute she’s been having with officials from an elementary school that is next to her home. The central focus of the dispute is a property line and a row of trees. The woman says she has spent more than $10,000 maintaining the trees. She put the trees there to stop school students from throwing things into her yard.  

Trouble arose when the school hired a surveyor in preparation for a construction project slated for its property. A new property line was reportedly marked. This sparked a real estate dispute because the woman’s row of expensive trees was found to be on the school’s property.  

Real estate dispute escalates when construction crew takes down trees 

When construction crews went to work on school property, they took down the row of trees, which greatly upset the woman who had spent thousands of dollars maintaining them. The Sheriff’s department received a phone call (although the representative did not specify from whom) asking the department to ensure that the woman wouldn’t interfere with construction. Another nearby neighbor told reporters that the noise from the construction work was “nonstop” and that foliage (which she believed had previously buffered the sound) was removed from her fence, increasing the noise level.  

A local news station reached out to the Florida school district, asking for a statement regarding the ongoing real estate dispute. However, school officials refused to respond at that time. Anyone facing similar issues may want to ask an experienced real estate law attorney to review their case, especially an attorney who has dealt with property line and boundary lawsuits. 


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