House Speaker meets with President to discuss immigration

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Those in Miami who’ve followed the current push for federal immigration reform know that doubts have recently surfaced regarding whether or not the legislation proposed by the Senate last year would actually make it the agenda of this year’s Congressional session. Mid-term elections and other financial topics have seemingly pushed the issue to the side. Yet recent comments from prominent leaders on both sides if the aisle have suggested that immigration remains at the forefront of the minds of federal lawmakers. Recent activity from Capitol Hill offers both good and potentially bad news on this front.

President Obama recently met privately with Republican House Speaker John Boehner to discuss many of issues facing both the executive and legislative branches. In his State of the Union address, the President reaffirmed his desire to revamp current U.S. immigration law in accordance with the legislation that he endorsed last year. Yet Boehner, who had recently expressed optimism that the immigration legislation would be addressed during the current legislative session, now seems to have changed his tune. He voiced the concerns of several House Republican’s that the President would be unable to enforce the proposed changes before his term ends in 2017.

Immigration reform has remained a hot-button topic throughout all of the years of President Obama’s administration. Whether or not current proposals will be enacted remains to be seen. Yet the fact that discussion continue to happen may be seen by many as a step in the right direction. Those who want to stay updated on all developments regarding changes to current U.S. immigration law may find an immigration attorney to be reliable source for such news.

Source: Bloomberg “Obama Hosts Boehner in Discussing Immigration, Trade” Derek Wallbank, Feb. 25, 2014


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