Groups across the country helping with the naturalization process

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There are millions of people currently in Miami and throughout the rest of the United States currently enjoying the benefits of living here, yet not completely covered by all of the rights and privileges afforded to citizens. The path to U.S. citizenship can be a long and windy road that lasts many years and can be full of hardships along the way. Many of those who achieve the qualifications for permanent residency choose to stop there simply because they may not feel as though they have it in them to see the journey through to citizenship. While being a legal resident does place one’s immigration status on firmer ground, it doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of their residency status being revoked in the future. As a matter of fact, thousands of permanent residents are deported from the U.S. every year for a variety of different reasons.

In order to help other immigrants avoid this fate, immigration activists across the country are constantly offering assistance to those who are currently trying to see the process of naturalization through to the end. Currently, studies show that very few of those immigrants eligible to apply for citizenship are taking advantage of the opportunity. That’s why these groups are taking to local churches and to the streets, advertising workshops and informational sessions aimed at helping immigrants work through any issues encountered during the application process.

Chances are that anyone looking for this type of assistance can find it in their local community. A good place to start one’s search may be with a local immigration attorney who may have information on outreach programs and activist groups in the local area. 

Source: Michigan Radio “Campaign looks to make more Michigan immigrants U.S. citizens” Sarah Cwiek, May 15, 2014


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