What are the requirements for a temporary work visa?

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Foreigners wishing to come to Florida to work for a short period of time may be interested to learn how to qualify for a temporary non-immigrant worker visa. In most cases, a non-immigrant visa would require an employer to petition for the worker before they arrive in the United States. However, there are some temporary worker classifications that do not require the visa applicant to have a job set up ahead of time.

To secure a non-immigrant worker visa, an individual who has a promise of employment would need the prospective employer to file a petition with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The exact form that employers will submit when filing employment-based petitions with USCIS depends on the type of worker classification the foreign individual is seeking. For instance, some workers are considered seasonal agricultural workers while others may be religious workers, professional athletes or persons with extraordinary abilities in various fields.

People who qualify for employment visas may also bring their dependent spouses and children into the country during their stay. While outside of the United States, spouses and children of a temporary worker would need to submit their applications for a visa directly to a U.S. consulate. If dependent spouses and children are in the United States, they could apply for an extension of stay or change of status by filing Form I-539.

Employment visas may benefit individuals who have the opportunity to receive job training at a location in the United States. An attorney may be able to help someone in this situation to ensure that their employer files the appropriate paperwork when petitioning for the visa.

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