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If you are a foreign investor who is wanting to establish a business in Florida, you may be eligible to apply for an EB-5 immigrant visa in order to do so. Your intended business investment must be a minimum of $500,000 if it will be connected with a regional center of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. If it will not be, your investment must be a minimum of $1 million.

The EB-5 visa will allow you to live and work in the United States while you grow your business. If it is a business set up through the USCIS regional center pilot program, your business will be required to meet certain employment and economic growth goals.

It will be important for you to thoroughly investigate your target business prior to investing. If you determine that the business is one that supports your investment, the EB-5 visa may provide you with the means to obtain conditional resident status. Additionally, the program allows you to obtain the corresponding visas needed to bring your family with you.

Our attorneys are familiar with EB-5 investment visas as well as the corresponding federal regulations and laws that govern visas and obtaining permanent resident status. We additionally are practiced in the areas of corporate representation and commercial litigation, so that after we help our clients obtain the visas they need, we are further able to assist them with the ongoing needs of their growing businesses. We understand that when investors are considering investing a large sum of money to open or purchase a business venture, especially one located in another country, they likely have many questions about the process involved. If you would like more information, you may want to read our immigrant investor page.


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