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If you are going through the steps for lawful permanent residency, you have probably been through numerous challenges already. The road to U.S. citizenship is not an easy one for most Miami immigrants. At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., we are prepared to help you through the legal steps to reach the final goal of becoming a naturalized American. However, there are other challenges and setbacks that you may face in addition to the legal immigration process.

According to Global Citizen, the following are some of the most common trials faced by immigrants applying for residency:

  • Differences in culture and social norms – It may be hard for many Americans to understand the beliefs and customs of your particular culture. The United States consists of a variety of different and interesting cultures, but they create a division for some.
  • Speaking a different language – Language barriers can present one of the most difficult challenges if your native language is not English. Ineffective communication can make it hard to find a job, housing and other services.
  • Education and raising children – Your children may become lost in the American school system, especially if English is your second language. You might also be concerned that your children are becoming too “Americanized” with beliefs and traditions that are not held by your family.
  • Finding employment – It is not unheard of for employers to discriminate against immigrants or take advantage of them, especially if they believe you don’t understand your rights.
  • Obtaining acceptable housing – Your family may be forced to live in substandard housing if you can’t afford decent accommodations. Some landlords may also exploit or discriminate against immigrants.

Many of these cultural and social barriers may be overcome by learning English, continuing your education and setting employment goals. It may also help to show others by your example that most immigrants are here to reach the same American dream that has always attracted immigrants to our country. To learn more about citizenship and naturalization, please click here to visit our page.


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