Nuisance control or Ebenezer Scrooge? HOAs and holiday displays

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At Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., we have a great deal of experience handling homeowners association issues. We understand the common types of regulations HOAs may enforce to maintain the value of community properties and foster peace among neighbors. Many Miami residents are probably excited about the upcoming holiday season – some of them may be a little too enthusiastic for HOA standards, points out Consumer Affairs. What are some of the restrictions that homeowners associations may enact regarding holiday decorations?

It could be reasonable to require homeowners to keep their decorations minimal, without going over the top or creating a neighborhood nuisance. For example, while most neighbors might appreciate a scary Halloween display in someone’s front yard, others might object to decorations that are too gruesome, change the landscaping (such as digging graves in the lawn) or are too loud on Halloween night. It may also be reasonable to restrict homeowners from putting up too many Christmas lights or leaving the lights on too late at night.

Some HOAs have rules against setting up lights and decorations too early, as well as requiring residents to take decorations down by a certain date. It is, in fact, common for associations to set dates as to when it is acceptable to put out holiday displays. In one example, a woman described receiving a letter from her homeowners association instructing her to take down her Christmas decorations because it was still too early to have them out.

It is an acceptable and common practice for HOAs to regulate outdoor decorations for holidays and year-round displays. The key is for regulations to be reasonable and fair for homeowners who wish to celebrate the season, as well as for neighbors who don’t want to be annoyed by excess. Learn more about homeowners association rights and regulations by visiting our page.


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