A brief look at employment trends among immigrants

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Economic trends may affect the type of employment that immigrants gravitate to in the United States, but regional tendencies can also have an impact. For example, more foreign-born people in Florida work in housekeeping than in other industries, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s yearly American Community Survey. This profession is shared among eight other states as the top immigrant-employed job, although a wide range of industries are represented across the United States. According to the Voice of America, janitors, construction workers and agricultural laborers are a few of the other jobs most popular among foreign workers.

A report by the Pew Research Center revealed that the numbers of undocumented workers in white collar jobs have increased in recent years. These include business professionals, sales associates and office support, according to the Washington Post. Despite this rise, the majority of unauthorized immigrants remain concentrated primarily in lower-paying jobs requiring less skill. This is due to numerous challenges faced by immigrants, including their legal status, lower quality of education and the language barrier.

Non-native people living in the United States make up just 12.9 percent of the population and include both documented and undocumented immigrants. Many jobs that are commonly thought to be dominated by immigrants are primarily taken by native-born citizens. Professions such as housekeeping, grounds maintenance and janitorial work continue to be filled mainly by native-born Americans. It can be a struggle to increase one’s earning potential, but there is always the opportunity to improve job skills and find desirable employment.


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