Changing your status after studying in the U.S.

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Recently, we discussed coming to the United States not as an immigrant, but for the purpose of studying or gaining a trade skill. As pointed out in a previous blog post, obtaining a student visa does not give you status to live in the country temporarily or permanently after you have completed your education. However, at the law firm of Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., we understand that you might have reasons to stay in Florida after receiving your degree.

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, you may apply to change your resident status, even if your original intent was to study and then return to your home country. What are the reasons you might have changed your mind? Perhaps you have an attractive offer of employment. You might enjoy the friendships you developed while attending school, and wish to continue living in the country for a while longer. You might also have relatives who are living in the U.S., and you would like to continue living here to develop your relationship with them.

In order to qualify for an adjustment of status, you would have had to abide by the terms of your student visa. For example, not attending school full-time or accepting an unauthorized job might result in the immediate revocation of your right to be in the country as a student. If this happens, you would most likely be required to leave the United States and apply for an immigrant visa in your home country. To learn more about the visa best suited for your needs, visit our page on nonimmigrant visas.


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