The benefits of becoming a permanent resident

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Each year, people across the country are able to finally realize their dream of obtaining a green card in the U.S. For green card holders, becoming a permanent resident offers a number of advantages. In Miami-Dade, and cities throughout Florida, it is vital for current and prospective green card holders to make sure they renew or apply for their card correctly.

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, those who become permanent residents are able to enjoy various benefits. For example, they are able to find protection through national and local laws, secure legal employment and permanently reside in the country. However, people who become permanent residents must report income to the IRS and follow state and federal laws. For men between the ages of 18 and 25, Selective Service registration is also necessary.

A permanent resident card is needed for people who want to naturalize as American citizens. Moreover, people are able to secure green cards when their relatives, such as a spouse, sponsor them. Every year, tens of thousands of people become a permanent resident through a lottery program. For those who become a permanent resident, it is important to keep in mind that green cards expire after 10 years.

Whether someone secures permanent residency through the green card lottery or sponsorship from a future spouse, understanding what is required of them with regard to the green card process is crucial. By taking the proper approach, people can avoid unnecessary complications and find themselves one step closer to becoming a permanent resident.


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