Some immigrants have concerns after presidential election

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When it comes to immigration, there are a wide range of issues people may encounter. For example, someone may be unsure of how to obtain a green card, while others may experience problems with a student visa or work visa. However, handling any type of immigration difficulties properly is absolutely essential. In Miami-Dade County, and the rest of Florida, people who are in this position may have find themselves facing serious ramifications that alter the course of their lives. From deportation to the loss of a job, immigration problems can make life challenging in many ways.

Following the presidential election, some undocumented immigrants are concerned about their future in the country. Under the DREAM Act, children who have lived in the U.S. since 2012 after being brought to the country by parents who were undocumented immigrants have been protected from deportation.

However, many are worried that the president-elect will repeal the act, particularly in Florida, where more than 50,000 DREAM Act renewals and applications have been turned in. Those protected under the act came to the U.S. from a number of countries, including El Salvador, South Korea, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

Sometimes, making sense of laws related to immigration can be difficult. However, it is important for anyone who is facing these challenges to identify the best course of action. After all, the consequences of immigration violations can completely upend the lives of immigrants and also affect their friends and family members. For those who are struggling with immigration matters, talking with an attorney could be a wise decision.

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