Landlord wants state laws to change

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When a landlord decides to rent his or her property, they likely do not expect to have a standoff with tenants over the premises. Unfortunately, disputes between landlords and their tenants frequently arise in Miami-Dade and all over Florida. Whether a tenant refuses to pay rent or breaks the terms of the rental agreement, landlords should not allow their rights to be trampled upon.

A landlord in Washington State wants to see landlord-tenant laws change after she recently evicted tenants. The woman and her husband had been renting to a family for more than two years and evicted the tenants after they had fallen behind on rent. The woman, who is upset about a landlord’s ability to enter the premises, is renovating the property with her husband. The woman, who plans to move into the dwelling with her spouse, said that she will never rent again.

According to the landlord, the evicted tenants left a massive amount of garbage behind, including needles which she believed were being used for drugs. One of the tenants had reportedly been evicted from other rentals in the past and smoke detectors were allegedly removed from the building. Moreover, the woman also claimed that she contacted Child Protective Services over the parents.

Whether a landlord is able to peacefully resolve a dispute with tenants or has to contact authorities, every case is different. For some landlords, consulting an attorney who has handled real estate disputes is an excellent way to identify the smartest course of action.

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