Suit filed in Miami-Dade County over condominium fees

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For those who operate a condominium association, various challenges may arise. For example, an association may become involved in a dispute for a myriad of reasons or struggle with the collection of association fees. In Miami-Dade, and all across the state of Florida, it is crucial for condo associations to carefully assess the details surrounding any problems they are facing. By managing an association and handling any legal issues or disputes properly, condo associations can avoid some serious consequences.

A suit was recently filed in Florida over allegations that a condo association in Miami has been regularly charging people more than they are allowed to by law. Moreover, a number of legal professionals who are involved in the case say that plans are being made to file additional suits that target small condominium associations around the state.

One plaintiff claims that he was instructed to pay $625 worth of condominium fees before he would be able to move in. According to an attorney representing the man, these types of violations are not uncommon.

When a condo association becomes involved in legal action or a dispute with owners, it is very important for the association to understand where the law stands and make sure that the right steps are taken as they work towards a positive outcome. That said, some people are unsure of how to approach the situation, especially if they are under a considerable amount of stress. For some, talking to an attorney who knows how to take care of these cases is a good idea.

Source: Florida Record, “Class-action lawsuit seeks to crack down on condo association fees,” Dee Thompson, Dec. 20, 2016


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