Helping family members become permanent residents

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Each year, people immigrate to the U.S. for a wide variety of reasons. While some head to the country because of an investment or employment opportunity, others may move to the U.S. because of their marriage or for other family-oriented purposes. In Miami-Dade, and all other Florida locales, some people may concerns about other family members moving to the U.S. For example, someone who is an American citizen may wish to have a parent, child or spouse currently living in another nation obtain a green card. Under these circumstances, understanding all of the requirements is vital.

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, American citizens can help certain family members obtain permanent residency. The USCIS states that such immigration is encouraged to foster unity among families. However, a number of conditions apply. For an American citizen’s child to secure eligibility, the child cannot have a spouse or exceed the age of 21.

Sometimes, people can obtain conditional permanent residence in the United States. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, people are able to become permanent residents as a result of their marriage. By helping a loved one secure a green card, entire families can benefit and avoid some of the emotional pain that comes with separation.

When it comes to immigration issues, the unique details of a person’s situation will vary from one to another. Because these matters can have a significant impact on the whole family, people should closely assess their options and find answers to any immigration questions they have.


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