Limit reached on H-1B applications

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For those who are thinking about moving to the U.S., there may be a number of paths to immigration. Some people immigrate through marriage, while others move to the country through employment. In Miami-Dade, and other parts of the state of Florida, H-1B visas may be an option for some immigrants. Unfortunately, successfully applying for one of these visas can be complicated for various reasons. In addition to the application process and different requirements, openings fill up quick.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which uses a lottery-based system to decide which H-1B applicants will receive visas, recently said that the limit on H-1B visa applicatons has already been met. Each year, 85,000 applicants are able to successfully receive an H-1B visa, although far more submit an application.

The limit will not bar certain people from applying, such as those who are connected to a particular non-profit organization or a college. In fact, demand was so strong that the limit was met no more than four days after applications started to be accepted. During 2016, there were 236,000 applications received. The USCIS has not announced the exact number of applications that have been turned in this year.

Before applying for an H-1B visa, or any other type of visa, it is essential for hopeful immigrants to have a clear understanding of everything that will be required of them. Moreover, people should be aware of any time limitations that may affect their application. While this can be challenging, turning to an experienced legal professional may help.

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