Florida bicyclist asked about immigration status

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in the news, reports concerning immigration issues surface from time to time. Sometimes, these matters happen close to home, in Miami-Dade, and in other communities in Florida. For those who have immigrated to the country, or are struggling with any legal issues related to immigration, daily life can seem overwhelming. Often, people who are going through these challenges may also have family members who are affected as well.

In Florida, a controversial interaction between a law enforcement official and an injured bicyclist recently took place. Video shows a 31-year-old man laying on the sidewalk after he was struck by a vehicle. Next, a law enforcement official, who has yet to be identified, inquires about the man’s immigration status prior to asking about whether or not he needs medical attention due to injuries sustained in the accident.

The man was then taken to a detention facility, where he has been held in custody for weeks. Moreover, the driver of the vehicle that struck the man was reportedly permitted to leave the scene of the accident like nothing happened, according to one witness.

Sometimes, those who immigrate to a foreign country feel overwhelmed or uncertain about their future. However, if they are aware of their rights, they should take action if they believe their rights have been violated. Sometimes, making sense of immigration law can be tricky, especially for those who do not have a lot of confidence about their situation. However, talking with an attorney could be helpful.

Source: New York Post, “Cop asks injured cyclist if he’s ‘a legal citizen’ before offering help,” Joshua Rhett Miller, May 26, 2017


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