Citizenship main focus of celebration in another state

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United States Chief District Judge Timothy M. Burgess recently presided over a very special ceremony in a northwestern state. Like similar celebrations held in Florida, the special gathering was held to honor many immigrants who have successfully navigated the process to citizenship. A spokesperson said it was the largest ceremony of its kind in that particular area.

At least 41 nations were represented when America’s newest citizens were officially and publicly congratulated. One man who was present with his wife and children read a letter to the President of the United States to show his appreciation and gratitude. More than 150 citizen candidates took their oaths of allegiance at the ceremony.

Reasons for coming to the United States to live and become citizens would likely vary if one were to survey those in attendance at the celebration. History shows that some immigrants arrive here rather unexpectedly, after fleeing war torn nations and imminent violence. Others prepare for years, fill out mounds of paperwork and cautiously work their way through the system of checks and balances so they can lawfully enter the nation’s borders and build new lives.

When obstacles arise in the path to citizenship, it’s good to know where to turn for help. An experienced Florida immigration and naturalization attorney is a great advocate to have on one’s side when trying to rectify immigration problems. Most complications can be overcome with access to the proper resources and a strong network of support. An attorney can help his or her client work through problem situations and move closer toward his or her ultimate citizenship goals.

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