Real estate disputes over quarry continue to rock civil relations

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When two sides are directly opposed to each other concerning a central issue, it’s often challenging to come to an amicable agreement. In fact, where real estate disputes in Florida are concerned, parties often seek third party assistance to address their problems in court. In a contentious situation that continue to escalates in another state, a company that is not happy about a lower court decision is asking the state’s highest court to review the case.

The situation involves a particular large parcel of land that one company wishes to acquire to build a rock quarry. County officials are adamantly opposed to the idea, saying such a project would take away from the historical quaintness and significance of the town’s atmosphere. The disagreement has been in litigation for six years now.

The lower court ruled that the county was acting within the law to deny access to the land for the purpose of building a quarry. Quarry builders say that 71 acres of the 350 acre property is zoned for industrial use. It’s been duly noted, however, that at least 100 acres would be needed for a quarry.

The quarry-building company is hoping the Tennessee Supreme Court will review the case. County officials say the company is within its rights to pursue further litigation, but they are confident they have acted within the confines of the law and are not worried that the lower court’s ruling may be overturned. Successful outcomes in real estate disputes often hinge upon experienced and aggressive legal representation. Anyone facing current real estate problems in Florida may seek such assistance by requesting a meeting with a real estate attorney in the area.

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