U.S. immigration law leads to young woman’s detention

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Many Florida immigrants are currently facing significant challenges regarding their legal statuses. Some fear that even a most minor incident could wind up causing them to be separated from their families. That appears to be what happened in another state where U.S. immigration law regarding enforcement of removal regulations against undocumented people has led to a young mother of two being placed in detainment.

The woman, age 22, came to the United States as a 9-year-old with several of her extended family members. Following the enactment of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act in 2012, she was able to avoid deportation by following the steps to protect her legal status through the program. In fact, she has reportedly successfully renewed her deferment twice.

Recently, however, she went to an immigration office to post bond to secure the release of one of her relatives. Her family members later said she was not worried about entering the facility because she was confident that her own legal status was protected by DACA. Her family is now doing everything possible to keep her in the United States since officials took her into custody that day and she remains separated from her children, ages 5 and 11 months, since then.

The woman’s family lamented that every time some of them are able to get to the location where she’s being held, officials tell them she has been moved. Her current location has caused them increased anxiety because they say it’s known as a final holding place before deportation occurs. Florida residents worried about their legal statuses under U.S. immigration law can seek help by discussing their problems with experienced immigration attorneys.

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