Man deported instead of receiving adjustment of status

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Many Florida immigrants have been living in the United States under a temporary protection legal status. When the program that provides the status was effectively ended by the current presidential administration, thousands of immigrants in this state and throughout the nation began to worry whether adjustment of status would be possible or if they would get deported. One man, whose protected status was supposed to last until 2019, was recently detained by immigration officials.

The man was pulled over by police while driving. At the time, his vehicle contained three passengers who were allegedly all sitting in the back seat of the car. Officials say the three vehicle occupants were extremely dirty, which caused them to suspect a possible human smuggling operation.

The man who was driving, who happens to have a prosthetic leg, was taken into custody and sent to an immigration detention facility. He has since begged for help to obtain his release, saying he was denied needed medical attention and was mocked by guards because of his disabled condition. The man says the guards did not realize that he speaks English and he heard them saying derogatory things about his prosthesis.

Normally, when the man’s temporary visa would expire, he would be able to seek an adjustment of status by filing an application for renewal. Since the program may no longer be active, and considering his current situation, that may not be possible unless those to whom he has appealed for help will be able to secure a positive outcome on his behalf. Many Florida immigrants have overcome serious legal challenges related to their statuses by turning to experienced immigration and naturalization law attorneys for guidance.

Source: Newsweek, “Trump Administration Targets and Then Mocks Immigrant With Prosthetic Leg“, Nicole Rodriguez, Nov. 14, 2017


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