Real estate disputes reportedly turn physical for Rand Paul

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Senator Rand Paul has apparently lived next door to the same neighbor for almost 20 years. The neighbor happens to be a doctor who is said to disagree with Paul on politics. Somehow, political differences between the two neighbors turned into real estate disputes along the way, with arguments over leaves blowing from Paul’s yard across the property line and into the neighbor’s yard. Some Florida readers may relate to the situation.

Recently, Paul claimed that he was mowing his lawn while wearing headphones when the neighbor came onto his property and physically attacked him. No one knows for sure what may have prompted the alleged attack. It is definitely not the first time disputes between neighbors have led to physical altercations.

In addition to leaves blowing into people’s yards, neighbor spats often surround other issues, such as unsightly garbage, tree branches extending across property lines and other issues. When a person believes a neighbor has infringed upon property rights, a complaint can be filed in civil court to resolve the situation. There are specific laws and regulations that govern such matters in Florida.

It’s one thing for neighbors to squabble over garbage cans being left out at the curb too long or debris blowing into another person’s yard and quite another to have to solve neighbor disagreements in court. An experienced Florida attorney can help anyone in this state facing legal problems with neighbors. The outcome often depends on the type of representation available. Those considering filing claims regarding real estate disputes may want to discuss their situations with experienced attorneys before heading to court.

Source: NBC, “Not in My Backyard: Neighbor Disputes Happen to More Than Just Rand Paul“, Elizabeth Chuck, Nov. 7, 2017


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