Man faces U.S. immigration law trouble again

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An incident occurred at a border in the United States that resulted in a man’s arrest. This particular man is said to have been in trouble with U.S. immigration law officials in the past. In fact, he reportedly served more than 10 years behind bars after being convicted of assault. Many Florida immigrants understand how stressful such situations can be.

The 60-year-old man was stopped at a border in another state, which led to immigration officers running a check on the man’s criminal history. Agents say that is when they learned the man had a past conviction on his record for assaulting a peace officer. Officials took him into custody and placed him in an immigration detention facility.

Charges have since been filed against the man. He will undoubtedly need defense assistance as he tries to avoid conviction and deportation. The man is being charged for re-entry to the United States following conviction for an aggravated felony.

U.S. immigration law places anyone in a similar situation to this man’s circumstances at risk for immediate removal. Not every situation is an open and shut case, however. Many immigrants’ legal status situations are quite complicated, and some are able to avoid deportation by asking experienced immigration and naturalization attorneys to speak on their behalves during removal hearings or criminal trials. Having an attorney by one’s side can definitely help a Florida immigrant overcome language barriers or other obstacles that may make navigation of the immigration removal process or criminal justice system quite challenging.

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