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Whether you recently arrived in Florida from another country or have lived here for more than a decade, you may have already faced several challenges regarding your legal status. U.S. immigration law is quite complex and often changes, so it’s difficult to stay updated on current regulations and processes. You may act with the best intentions, then learn that you made an error because laws have changed; worse, the error you made may have placed you at risk for removal.

Perhaps you came to the United States to marry a U.S. citizen, or you moved into your Florida home after securing a work visa. Any number of issues can arise that require immediate attention so your status remains in good standing. There have been many immigrants who thought their paperwork was in order only to later learn a clerical error or other issues had caused a major problem.

Some families have told stories of loved ones being arrested and led away from their homes or workplaces as family members looked on in tears. Others say they ran into trouble after being pulled over in traffic stops. The point is that a seemingly uneventful day can turn into an immigration nightmare if the person in question does not fully understand current laws and regulations.

One of the best ways to keep stress to a minimum when trying to solve problems related to U.S. immigration law is to ask an experienced immigration attorney to assist you. Cuevas, Gracia & Torres, P.A., in Florida is fully prepared to support you in all matters concerning your legal status or other immigration issues. Even if you have already been threatened with deportation, there may be options available to halt the process and rectify your situation. An initial consultation can help point you in the right direction to seek swift and positive solutions to your immigration problems.


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