Current US immigration law issues that apply to many in Florida

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Like many other states throughout the nation, Florida has seen a substantial increase in its immigrant population in recent years. While many people try to stay updated on current U.S. immigration law, it can be quite challenging because the law is complex and not always easy to understand. It also changes often, so something that is applicable to a given situation one day may be obsolete the next.

There are several issues that are often misunderstood. For instance, a common misconception is that people who cross U.S. borders without paperwork and are taken into custody by immigration officers are then tried in criminal courts. In fact, such offenses are not legally defined as criminal matters at all but are adjudicated through the civil justice system.

Some say they question why anyone would illegally cross a border into the United States when there’s a process in place that allows them to do so through legitimate means. While every person’s situation is unique, one of the problems with the current system seems to be that things do not always go as planned. It is an erroneous idea that one can simply get in line and wait his or her turn to enter the U.S.; the reality is that many people are left waiting for decades, which can make life difficult, especially for those who say they are not safe in their countries of origin.

If a Florida immigrant has a case pending in a civil court, it might take years before it is heard. There is a tremendous backlog of cases, and in some states, the average wait time is 18 months. One can assume that U.S. immigration law will always be a complicated matter to discuss. However, immigrants and their families will be glad to know they are entitled to legal representation for any situation that requires them to appear in court.


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