Father of 3 hopes for adjustment of status rather than removal

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Many Florida immigrants can relate to one man’s current situation. He is a husband and also a father of three children, ages 11 and under. The man was one of nearly 100 people who were taken into custody by immigration officers who raided their workplace. The question now is whether he will obtain an adjustment of status or get deported.

The man says he would have loved to have legally entered the United States when he came here to live approximately 14 years ago. However, he says the only way to do so is to obtain an employment visa, and to do that, a person must be working while his or her case is processed. The man says his main problem at the time was that he could not find a job; that is why he wanted to come to the United States.

Sometimes, it is days before people arrested by Immigration Customs and Enforcement agents are able to call home to let their families know where they are. In this particular case, the man’s wife and three children worried for four days before ICE officials let him make a phone call. He eventually posted bond, which secured his release from detention; however, he is prohibited from working until his removal case is processed. He says he fears he will not be able to provide for his family’s needs if the U.S. government does not allow him to continue working while the situation is sorted out in court.

The man’s children are now afraid to let their father out their sight. He says he’s trying to remain hopeful that he will ultimately be allowed to obtain an adjustment of status, especially because his children are all born and raised in the United States. Like many Florida immigrants do, this man has secured legal representation to help him try to avoid deportation.


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