Deceased pastor’s wife involved in real estate disputes

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A rather contentious situation has arisen in another state that involves a widow and the church for which her now deceased husband had served as pastor. A central focus of the real estate disputes is a five-bedroom house. The pastor used to own the house but sold it to the church. Florida residents facing similar real estate problems may want to follow this case.

In this case, the pastor continued to live in the home for at least 13 years after he retired. He was 75 when he passed away. Church representatives say the former pastor left instructions to remove his current wife from the home within 90 days of his passing. That explains why the widow received an eviction notice within 10 days of her husband’s death.

The widow herself says she does not believe that her husband wanted her to get kicked out of their home. In fact, she says he promised her that she would always be taken care of after he died. The decedent’s daughter from a prior marriage is also involved in the current dispute.

The daughter has accused her stepmother of abusing her father. Her stepmother has also faced allegations of disloyalty to her spouse. She claims the stories of her extra marital affairs were made up by people in the church who know that the house is worth more than $2 million and want to get their hands on a piece of the pie. Florida real estate disputes involving several parties, like this one, often take months to resolve although proceedings may move along more quickly if those involved rely on experienced legal representation in court.


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