Were US immigration law officials negligent re medical care?

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A woman in another state says her 5-year-old daughter almost died while they were being held in an immigration detention center. She claims U.S. immigration law officials were aware that her daughter needed medical attention but did nothing to help except give her some type of liquid medication. Sadly, this does not appear to be an isolated incident, as many other parents, including some in Florida, say they or their children have suffered similar circumstances.

This particular woman has three children and had made her way with them to the United States on a bus that traveled for several weeks. When her daughter first complained of not feeling well, the mother thought it was perhaps due to food they had been given at the detention center. She says she soon realized something much more serious was going on.

Her child spiked a high fever and had severe abdominal pain, so bad, in fact, that she could not make it to the bathroom in time and soiled her own clothing. The mother was afraid to anger the guards, so she sneaked off to the medical clinic on her own. The child was ultimately diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and given emergency surgery, which is no doubt what saved her life.

A physician who reviewed her case says he believes U.S. immigration law officials were gravely negligent and could have caused the child’s death were it not for the quick thinking and fast action of her mother. If a Florida parent believes a child has suffered from similar negligence in a detention center, he or she can reach out for support. An experienced immigration law attorney would be a good resource for assistance.


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