Citizenship did not stop ICE from detaining US marine

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Florida mothers of U.S. marines are proud of their sons and daughters who serve their country with courage and valor. A proud mother in another state is feeling frustrated and angry because her son, who served in Afghanistan, was taken to an immigration detention center by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers even though he has full citizenship. In fact, the young man was born and raised in the United States.

The veteran had reportedly been arrested by civil authorities regarding an alleged trespassing incident. When his jailors released him, ICE officials swooped in and sent him to an immigration detention facility. His mother says he showed the officials numerous forms of valid identification, including a U.S. passport, but they refused to listen to him and mistook him for an immigrant.

The marine was held in detention for three days and threatened with deportation. His mother says she is greatly disappointed in the U.S. government for trying to deport a born-citizen. She said her son was willing to risk his life for his country, and his country has treated him unjustly in return.

This situations shows that citizenship is no guarantee that a man or woman will never face trouble with ICE. The man in this case happens to be of Latino ethnicity, which some have said suggests that ICE is arresting Latinos without making sure they have probable cause to do so. Any man or woman in Florida who is having legal status problems, whether or not the happen to be U.S. citizens, may reach out for support from an experienced immigration law attorney.


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