Judge rules on US immigration law case

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2019 | U.s. Permanent Residency |

A 35-year-old man in another state was reportedly taken into custody and placed in detention in July of this year. Florida immigrants who are worried about an apparent increase in immigrant arrests throughout the nation may want to follow this U.S. immigration law case. Many immigrant advocates have been decrying the government’s handling of this particular situation.  

The man was working as a pizza delivery man at the time. In his personal life, he was also navigating a process to adjust his legal status in connection with a deportation order that was issued in 2010. The man’s wife is a U.S. citizen; his children are as well. 

The judge who recently ordered the man’s release said he never should have been arrested while delivering pizza to a U.S. army base. The judge also stated that he it finds it cruel and unnecessary to separate families just to satisfy a no-tolerance policy. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, which is where the incident took place, called the situation an outrageous affront.

Those advocating on the man’s behalf said they are pleased with the ultimate outcome of the situation. It seems the U.S. government has declined its opportunity to file an appeal of the judge’s decision. It is quite possible that a U.S. immigration law situation like this could happen here in Florida. That is why anyone worried about such matters should have a plan in mind as to where to seek legal support if a problem arises.


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