Update on real estate disputes involving Katy Perry

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Real Estate Disputes |

Some Florida readers may be familiar with a legal battle that has been ongoing between Katy Perry and members of the Catholic Church. These real estate disputes erupted some time ago when nuns in a convent sold their property to an entrepreneur. The only problem was that another buyer was also interested in the same property, and it happened to be Perry.

Nuns in convents apparently need Archdiocesan approval before engaging in real estate transactions. The Archdiocese in question told the nuns the sale was invalid because the proper church officials had not issued approval. To further complicate matters, Katy Perry offered several million dollars more for the property, and the Archdiocese approved the proposed purchase.

The situation was being resolved through litigation, but an unexpected turn of events has occurred. The 89-year-old religious sister appointed to represent the order of nuns suffered sudden death in court during recent proceedings related to the dispute. In situations like this, it is helpful to have an experienced attorney involved who can recommend a best course of action once the judge overseeing the case determines when or if proceedings should continue.

Florida real estate disputes regarding numerous prospective buyers can get messy. Both sellers and buyers have rights, and any person or company considering filing a legal complaint should be well aware of such rights before entering litigation. This is another reason it is a great asset to act alongside experienced legal counsel. An attorney knows exactly what to say and do to help a client protect his or her rights in court.


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