US immigration law: Actress implores public to decry detention

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Alyssa Milano fans in Florida and elsewhere may be interested in knowing what the actress has to say regarding immigration detention. She has been outspoken about a need for reform regarding U.S. immigration law. In particular, she has tried to raise awareness about problems occurring in immigration detention centers in this state and others.

Milano says every adult should try to visit facilities where immigrants are detained. She recently used her Twitter account to get her message out to more than three million people who follow her social media platform. The actress suggests showing up at immigration detention centers unannounced, then requesting entry to tour the facilities. She recently did this, and because the detention center she went to allows community visits, they had to allow her entry.

Other immigrant advocates say they support Milano’s way of thinking. They say visiting detention centers is a way to forge a link between immigrants who are detained and the outside world. Such advocates also say it helps get the word out regarding substandard conditions that many immigrants say have caused them illness or injury. Officials overseeing detention centers must make sure detainees are provided appropriate nutrition, medical treatment and a clean, safe living environment.

It is highly unlikely that U.S. immigration law will change overnight because of something an actress said or did. However, many Florida immigrant families are likely glad that Hollywood stars like Milano and others are stepping up to advocate for change on their behalf. An experienced immigration attorney can also be a great asset for any man or woman who is currently facing detention-related problems.


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