Real estate disputes: Neighbor cut down other neighbor’s trees

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When Florida residents purchase homes, it is critical that they understand where their property lines are to avoid problems with neighbors. Otherwise, real estate disputes might arise. This is what happened to a couple in another state, who now say they offered to pay for damage they accidentally did to a neighbor’s property but are worried she is going to take them to court anyway.

The situation has to do with azalea bushes and a mimosa tree. A woman’s mother had left them to her when she passed away. The couple, who live next door to the woman, cut down the plants. The wife said the woman had granted permission to cut down anything except the mimosa tree or plants that flower.

The couple says cutting down the tree and bushes was an accident. A realtor from the area said he sees disputes like this all the time. He said such disagreements are particularly problematic in housing developments. In addition to trees and shrubs, fences are another common item of contention between neighbors.

To avoid real estate disputes that pertain to boundary lines, walls, fences or growing things, a homeowner must be clear about Homeowners’ Association rules, boundary lines and other legalities. If a disagreement arises and neighbors are unable to peacefully resolve a particular issue, a Florida real estate law attorney may be able to help. It is also a good idea to hire an attorney if the opposing party in a dispute files a lawsuit, as well, because the attorney can speak and act on the client’s behalf in court, which is a lot less stressful that trying to represent oneself.


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