Man’s neighbors get involved in US immigration law situation

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Florida immigrants are often at risk for deportation. They never know when Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers might make an arrest. This causes many people a lot of stress in their daily lives. U.S. immigration law officers often show up unannounced.

A man in another state found out just how many friends he has when an immigration situation arose in his driveway. ICE officers had allegedly come there to arrest him. His neighbors joined hands to form a barrier so the officers could not make physical contact with him.

The incident unfolded when the man and his young son were sitting in their van in their driveway and ICE showed up. They were no doubt worried that there would be an arrest, so they remained in their vehicle. That is when the neighbors quickly gathered and pitched in to provide support. They brought food, gas and water, then formed the human chain around the van, presumably with the intention to help the boy and his father get safely back inside their home.

The U.S. immigration law officers ultimately left the driveway scene without making any arrests. It was reportedly not the first time ICE officers have tried to intercept people from their vehicles. Some Florida immigrants who are initially placed in detention centers are later released while their cases are processed. Others are deported; in either case, a person stands a much better chance of obtaining a positive outcome when he or she acts alongside experienced legal representation.



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