Real estate disputes didn’t end well for Zac Brown

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2019 | Real Estate Disputes |

Country music fans in Florida and beyond are often willing to stand in long lines to get into venues for a Zac Brown concert. Many may not be aware, however, that Brown has been dealing with problems that stem from real estate disputes in his personal life. Brown owns a home in another state and that residence has been the central focus of the proceedings.

Brown’s home is on a secluded road. His property extends to several lots below where the house sits. He reportedly asked the local planning commission to order the borough to vacate an easement that was giving the public access to his property. Brown’s neighbor has been trying to to secure permission to build a public trail there.

Planning commission officials voted against Brown’s petition. In a session that included at least two hours of public testimony, the final vote was a 5-4 loss for Brown. If he chooses, he may ask the state of Alaska to consider his request.

Real estate disputes like this one often evoke strong emotions on all sides. Florida property owners seeking privacy may run into problems if easements like the one in this case are in place where they live. In such situations, it is helpful to speak to someone well-versed in property laws such as a real estate law attorney. Such an attorney can review the details of a particular dispute to help protect a client’s interests and determine a best course of action toward a fair and positive outcome.


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