US immigration law: Class action lawsuit filed against ICE

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | U.s. Immigration Law |

Florida residents with family members who are immigrants may want to follow a national case as it unfolds. U.S. immigration law, and immigration detention issues in particular, are the central focus of a class action lawsuit filed against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Among the plaintiffs is a U.S. Marine veteran who was injured during active duty.

In 2004, the veteran, who had served two deployments overseas, was honorably discharged after suffering injuries from an explosive device. In addition to post-traumatic stress disorder, he arrived home with a traumatic brain injury and hearing loss, as well. As is common with many wounded veterans, this particular person began to struggle with alcohol addiction.

A domestic incident led to the veteran being placed in an immigration detention facility. He has since joined the recently filed class action lawsuit against ICE, citing lack of adequate medical and mental health care in detention. The class action claim states that ICE has repeatedly failed to provide care for immigrants suffering from cerebral palsy, hypertension and various mental health issues.

The claim states that delayed and substandard care has violated the Rehabilitation Act. It also states that immigrants in as many as 160 immigration detention centers were often denied the medical or mental health care they needed. U.S. immigration law states that ICE’s treatment of immigrants in detention is supposed to be civil, not punitive. Any Florida immigration currently facing legal problems in detention may request consultation with an immigration law attorney at any time.


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