Man’s US immigration law problems saddens his community

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | U.s. Immigration Law |

Many Florida immigrants become ingrained in their communities. Some are business owners who are well-known and liked by their neighbors and customers. A man in another state sells tacos from a truck. His customers and friends were recently surprised and saddened to learn that a traffic stop has led to the man’s transfer to a U.S. immigration law detention center. Local officials, as well, have lamented that law enforcement policies may have negatively affected this man’s life.

Police in the area say they often arrest people for the same traffic violations numerous times. They hope that in doing so, the time those arrested spend behind bars will perhaps prompt a behavior change for the better. The man in question was supposedly driving on a suspended license.  He was taken into custody by local police and placed in a county jail.

At some point, officials then transferred the man to another county jail. It was at that particular facility that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers intervened and took the man into federal custody. He is now facing possible deportation regarding legal status issues.

City officials from where the man’s arrest took place sent a letter to U.S. immigration law officials to request his release. They wrote that they are sorry that their repeat arrest protocol sparked immigration issues for the family man and local business owner. Anyone in Florida struggling to resolve similar issues can request consultation with an experienced attorney to seek guidance as to a best course of action.


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