Real estate disputes over monthly rent increase has people upset

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2019 | Real Estate Disputes |

Many people come to Florida to live when they retire. Warmer climates, coastal living and a slower pace are often key features of attraction. A woman who had worked as an art gallery manager and in retail sales said she had dreamed of retiring to a cottage near the beach and thought she had found the optimum place. She purchased a manufactured home situated on property she would rent. She and others in her community are now entangled in real estate disputes because their rent has continued to increase, prompting financial distress.

The woman said she chose the home, which is part of a 55+ age community, because she lives on a set income. When she first moved in, her rent was $650 per month, which she found quite manageable. However, leasing fees have increased $25 per month for the past three consecutive years, leaving her and others struggling to make ends meet. The woman also lamented that she pays a monthly cable fee that is not optional.

New residents to the community face even higher rental fees. However, those who have lived there since the rent was much less expensive say they feel like they are being forced out. Several of the residents have noted that there are laws on the books in Florida that regulate rent increases in manufactured home communities.

Florida law states that rent increases in manufactured home communities must reflect market rent prices in comparable facilities in surrounding areas. Any person facing similar real estate disputes may have an easier time resolving the issue if he or she relies on an experienced real estate law attorney for support. A first logical step to take is to request a legal consultation so an attorney can review the details of a particular case and help determine a best course of action.


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