Adjustment of status: Good news about green cards

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Adjustment Of Status |

Many immigrants in Florida and elsewhere arrive in the United States with an ultimate goal of becoming a permanent resident. Seeking an adjustment of status can be challenging, especially if an obstacle arises that a person does not feel equipped to handle alone. With regard to those who apply for marriage-based green cards, things may be getting a bit easier.

In the past, green cards issued to spouses from other countries of origin typically expire within two years. After that, a couple usually must attend an immigration interview to prove to U.S. immigration officials that their marriage is legitimate. The policy is meant to weed out those who arrange marriages of convenience to help the immigrant spouse in question obtain permanent residency status.

The system often led to status problems for those who, for whatever reason, neglected to petition to remove the conditions of their residency status. If that occurred, they could neither renew their status nor apply for a new one. In order to resolve the issue, immigration officials would have to cancel the initial condition of permanent residency.

A new policy set to take effect will allow a new application to be filed without cancellation of an original CPR in certain cases. In order to be eligible under this new policy, the immigrant in question must satisfy one of three requirements. The individual basically must have legitimate reason to apply for a new adjustment of status and must be otherwise eligible. Any Florida resident concerned about green card issues may benefit from the guidance and support that an experienced U.S. immigration law attorney can provide.


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