Many people worried about US immigration law changes

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | U.s. Immigration Law |

Many Florida households include members who were born in other countries. Staying updated on U.S. immigration law policies is challenging, even for those well-versed in such issues. A recent mention of possible upcoming changes has many immigrants and advocates alarmed. 

Under the proposal, those residing in immigrant detention centers would have to submit samples of their DNA. The data collected would then be entered into a national database. Government officials are reportedly all for the idea because they believe it would help them determine who is more likely to commit crimes in the future. Not many other people seem to think it is a good idea, however.

Most immigrants and their advocates are opposed to the proposed Department of Justice rule. Many of the hundreds of thousands of people who would be required to submit DNA samples are asylum seekers. They, as well as many others who have never been charged with a crime, say it would be a violation of personal privacy to demand that they provide samples of their DNA to the U.S. government.

The process of collecting DNA would be undertaken by swabbing the cheeks of immigrants in detention facilities. The samples would then be sent to a laboratory, and information entered into the federal database. Immigrants who are taken into custody have rights, and the right to privacy is one of them. Any Florida resident who believes his or her rights have been violated during a U.S. immigration law process can seek guidance and support from an experienced immigration law attorney.


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