US immigration law: Florida centers receive negative report

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There are numerous immigration detention centers in Florida, and many more throughout the United States. It is not uncommon for various entities to submit U.S. immigration law reports that show such facilities in either positive or negative light, depending on certain factors. For instance, if detainees in a particular center are well-cared for in a clean environment, then a positive review would likely be given.

Sadly, many immigration detention centers, including some in this state, have not only not received negative reviews but have been listed in more than 100 pages of reports as facilities that operate at gravely substandard levels. Tours of at least four adult detention centers included more than 100 interviews with immigrants living in the facilities under custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Many of those interviewed say they are not receiving adequate medical attention when needed.

It was also stated that there has been unjust use of solitary confinement in these facilities. Those who were interviewed appear to be in agreement that the federal government’s current policies are prejudiced against certain groups of people.  The interview responses suggest unfairness toward those with disabilities, especially when a disability includes a mental health deficit.

One immigrant advocate said she learned that provisions are not being made for people with mobility disabilities. She said that, in many instances, those with mobility impairments are made to sleep in top bunks. She also said people with chronic illnesses are only treated with ibuprofen rather than proper medical treatment for each unique health situation. A U.S. immigration law attorney is a great asset to have on hand for any Florida family or individual who is facing immigration-related challenges, especially those currently residing in detention centers.


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